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    • How to build a new website that performs?
    • Who calls his company bleeeb? (I am)

Or maybe you just came across this website, and don’t have a clue yet what this is all about. It doesn’t matter, I am happy you are here, and I will try to keep you on this page, by giving you some useful information. Don’t bounce, just scroll to the next paragraph and start optimizing your online performance!

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Setting up the marketing funnel

Generally, 98% of website visitors do not buy.

Are you still here? Great! If only 2% of your website visitors are willing to buy, how do you convince them, and maybe the other 98% as well? Well, at least not by yelling in their faces: “buy this product!”. You need to convince them, by making them hungry. Let them feel the need, by using the marketing funnel.

Ask yourself these three questions to build your marketing funnel:

  • What question, problem or need does my service or product solve/meet?
  • What does your prospect or client need to believe/trust to buy your product and buy it from you?
  • What is someone looking for (his/her pain) when they meet you?

Answering these questions makes it possible for you to set up your marketing funnel. That means that you can start with setting up or optimizing your online marketing performance. And yes, I am here to help you with that, if you like.

Website project coordination and SEO

Well, I guess it’s a bit clearer to you now why you are on this page. But what I haven’t told you yet is how I can actually help you with achieving improved online performance. Simple put: I help your company and/or team with:


Optimizing your page ranking in Google with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to generate more traffic;

Website Strategy

Setting up a website strategy based on the marketing funnel to stimulate conversion;

Website Approach

A plan of action and the management of building your new website including the migration to optimize performance;

Project Management

Collaborating, directing and coordinating with agencies, developers and creatives (designers);

Content marketing

Content marketing plan, development and social selling.
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