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You found me, the Digital Marketing and Communication advisor that will help achieve your marketing and communication goals.

Don’t have goals yet? No problem, that’s something I can help with too. Did this already convince you? I would love to meet you, and get an understanding of your challenges. 

To trigger your interest a little bit more, I made sure that you get a full understanding of how I can assist.

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(Digital) Marketing Strategy

What are your clients looking for? What are their ‘pains’, and how can you make sure that they will find you? Okay, that’s already three questions and I haven’t even started yet.

I guess it’s your main challenge to make sure that you reach your targets. Let me help you and your team with achieving this. If you already have an action plan, I can help you with the action part, the implementation.

Marketing & Communication Approach

From Marketing plan to coordination and execution
  • 1. Goals

    Let’s set the stage first, by making sure that we both understand the goals you want to achieve, and where you stand now. You can call it strategy, I am okay with that.

  • 2. Target Groups

    We are on the same page now, so it’s time to figure out what your target groups look like, and how we can reach them in the best possible way. I hear you thinking: this has something to do with the marketing funnel and the customer journey. I like your thinking!

  • 3. Check

    Now let’s check this analysis with the people and departments involved.

  • 4. Proposition

    Now we are on the right track, it’s time to think about the messaging, let’s call it proposition.

  • 5. Activate

    Let’s check out how we can activate the target groups. Depending on your goals, it could be a long term approach or a short term creative concept for a campaign. Need more specifics? You can think of:

    • Rebranding
    • SEO, Display and/or SEA
    • Benchmark report, or making a case video to generate leads
    • Social Selling and Content Marketing
    • New website, including project management
    • A game, for example to introduce your new flavour ice cream with cheese and jelly flavour
  • 6. Execution

    Of course, all of this needs to be carefully planned, agreed, organised and made technically possible. So let’s make sure that the coordination and execution goes smoothly. We do this together as a team. And we do it as agile as possible.

  • 7. Measurment

    We measure (realtime if possible), evaluate, and when we are finished we go to the next challenge.

melting ice cream

How can I help?

I hope you know by now what I can do for you. Now I would like to know a bit more about you too. Just give me a call, WhatsApp or Direct Message, or look around on my website for a bit. But don’t wait too long, because your clients can’t wait to meet you.

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