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Digital marketing and communication service overview of Bleeeb (I guess you figured).

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Online Marketing and Communication Advice

Helping your organisation improve their online brand performance from strategy to operation.
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Website Projects, Performance and SEO

Helping you boost your reach, interest and conversion rates by building and optimizing your marketing funnel.
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Content Creation and Management

All the way from concepts to strategy to creating text and visuals, I will be with you every step of the way helping you create content that’s recognizable and relevant while driving traffic to your digital channels.
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Social Selling programs, trainings and workshops

Grow your network, build and manage relations and nurture them into warm leads by using Social Media (like: Linkedin) and content.

Featured Projects

I hope you like the look of Bleeeb so far, to get a better feel for my designs and visual content check out some of the projects I have worked on below.

Skills & experience

You made it to the end of the page! This makes me wonder how I can help you? Let me quickly introduce myself and give you a little insight into what I can do for you.

Driven by creativity

I am Nathan Vennekens and I am currently based in Amsterdam. I am passionate about Digital Marketing and driven by creativity. I work on a result orientated basis, therefore you can hire my on a project by project basis or full time as a marketing and communication consultant. You should know that I am all about quality, I strive to achieve the best in everything I put my hand to. I like to be creative and I am excited by technological innovation.
Would you like to know more? Check out my full resume.

What about you?

I can’t wait to hear about you and your needs. So leave a message and tell me all about it, or check different ways to reach out via the contact page.


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