Build relationships with Social Selling

The foundation for your business success.

Let’s talk about selling. With this I mean, of course, you doing your selling through Social Media. To get you there, let’s first realize something for a quick moment. Almost everybody, including your buyers and applicants, is influenced by online media in their decision-making process.


  • get inspired on social media;
  • use Google for more information;
  • check reviews and comments; and
  • are advised by and receive recommendations from influencers they trust.

You need to be there, in the early stages of the buying process, to attract people to do business with you, making sure you reach your sales and marketing goals. Social Selling helps you build relationships with your buyers and decision-makers, and builds a foundation for your business success.

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Become a Social Seller and start Influencing

So how does Social Selling work?

For this, you need a few ingredients. You need employees who are experts in their field of work, content and their online (social) media. Besides this, you need a strategy, goals and (potential) buyers or in case of recruitment: applicants. Yes, Social Selling can also be deployed to attract new employees. 

  • 1. Attract and convince, by sharing relevant content 

    Okay, now we need to mix these ingredients into an irresistible dish. Sales is going to do this, in collaboration with Marketing, by positioning themselves as subject matter experts. They are going to use their online personal brand, to engage with and influence (potential) buyers, by sharing relevant content for each step of the customer journey through their personal networks on online (social) media.

  • 2. Build relationships, and nurture them into paying customers

    A meal often has more courses, so lets serve the next dish. Besides becoming a trustworthy advisor you are also going to proactively identify buyers and decision makers, nurture them into your network and eventually build a relationship until they feel the urge to reach out and buy. Send and Listen to sow and reap.

  • 3. Activate ambassadors, to expand reach and results

    Let’s make it a three-course menu, and finish with a bang. Your employees are the best representatives ever! With Management leading and Marketing and Sales as the driving force, you can activate your proud employees and develop them into online (social) media ambassadors. This will increase your reach and impact, and contributes to your internal and external goals. Add some sugar-coating social and curation tools, such as Sales Navigator, training programs, a content plan and content creation, to make this really work!

Social Selling Services

It’s a lot of information, right? This new way of selling requires time to own it. Well, while you are digesting, I’ll give you insights on how I can help you with setting up and rolling out a social selling program:

Awareness and introduction workshop about Social Selling

Intake to set goals

Setting up and coordinating a Social Selling Program

Training on how to build a personal brand

Content workshop, planning and creation

Managing and collaborating with trainers and suppliers of social selling tools

Social Selling can also involve the collaboration with Customer Care and the support of paid media. This is something we can add to the program.

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