Ignation is the international startup of Sogeti that saw his light in 2016. Although it was called the Open Source Garage at first they quickly requested to come up with a different name to be able to broaden their services. After a pitch it was decided the name I had worked out won. So noways Ignation is operating with this name and successfully operates for clients like KLM and PHILIPS.

About the Ignation brand concept

Ignation is a group <Nation> techies, designers and digital marketeers. From their platform, for example in Amsterdam and Stockholm they launch <Ignite> edgy, innovative solutions and concepts for their clients. Experimenting, collaboration and boldness are in within their DNA. They try and try again until a solution is proven. Ignation is a brand that stands for the disclosure <UNLOCK> of digital innovation.

The Ignation logo

The diamond is the core of the logo. The window within the core of the flames stands for the source of power of Ignation: the people with the skills. The window is a building block with which many other forms can be made, for example, numbers. Or, for example, you can cut it out and place an image or photo behind it. In this way it becomes literally clear what IGNATION stands for. The “N” has been turned around to show that Ignation does things differently.

After the brand creation I did the Art Direction of Ignation and therefor collaborated with designer: Jan Dekker. He helped me with setting up the stationary and guidelines.

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