The SAYMAW (South African Youth Moving Adverse Waves) organisation is a true-blue movement aimed at creating prosperity and opportunity. Bellied in the hearty vision of A Better Life For All, they innovate to prevent poverty and impoverishment while stimulating young student minds to maintain positivity even at the face of adversity.

Future leaders of South Africa

The startup, runned by: Ayanda Mgidi in Capetown, hires students to promote and sell products and services from company brands like: Telkom, Cell C, Red Bull, Woolworths and Virgin Mobile. In this way potential pioneers, leaders and entrepreneurs living in townships are provided access to more social and economic opportunities. By building strong relations ships with schools, brands and their own academy they give future leaders the opportunity to become successful. Eventually they aim to open multiple offices in townships or suburbs.

Saymaw logo concept

I met Ayanda in Capetown. The entrepreneurial attitude inspired me to contact him and help him with designing a logo, matching the purpose of the company. The logo concept is related to Saymaw’s vision: “collaborate for a better life”. The letter “S” forms the basis of the logo and has been translated into an infinite form that reflects collaboration. The collaboration between talented students themselves and with companies for a successful future and the valuable contributions to results. The only restriction Saymaw gave was that the logo had to be gray and red.

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