What the Bleeeb

What if you pick a brand name that represents all kinds of meanings? What were you thinking when you heard “Bleeeb” for the first time? Leave me a message if you want to share it! Now, let me tell you a story what Bleeeb means to me.

Astronauts and Elephants

When I was really young, I wanted to be an astronaut. I had a book full with images and stories about star rains and explosions. I looked into the sky, and tried to see the difference between stars and planets. And you probably know the feeling of excitement, when you are lucky to see a falling star.

Back on earth, the exploring continued. As a small village boy, I started visiting my uncle in Amsterdam. It was a two hour travel, and I felt like a world traveler. He showed me Elephants in the Zoo, the Ajax football stadium and, as a prosecutor, he showed me the jail in Amsterdam. It made me think: as a detective you are like an astronaut, but then tracking down crime. I was sure I wanted to be a detective in Amsterdam. I kept that idea in mind and started training a lot. And when I was old enough, I applied for a job at the police.

Houston, we have a problem

I received a letter from the police, and I could work in Rotterdam. No offence, I really like Rotterdam, but I wanted to work in Amsterdam. It was a “mission abort” and so the expedition failed.

During introduction day of a school, I once met a really inspiring teacher. He pictured a world of creativity: the world of marketing and communication. At that time, I was messing around with Photoshop ever since we had a computer. So this became my new mission to Mars. I applied to explore this unknown territory. I loved it.

Final Destination?

Meanwhile, I also entered the magical world of Dance music. I did marketing and communication at one of the leading dance organisation in the Netherlands: Extrema. Being in the world of artists and entertainment, I knew I was looking into the right creative direction. Taking a step further, I applied for another study: Creative Communication, in Amsterdam. Finally, I arrived at my favourite destination.

In Amsterdam, I worked at agency Artbox, where I represented high-end illustrators, photographers and managed projects for advertisement agencies. From there, I worked at several companies and built the knowledge and expertise that made me who I am right know: A creative marketeer, passionate about my profession, and excited about our time we live in, with endless possibilities and adventures.

Bleeeb – the sound of the future

Okay, I know this article is a bit long (I know that Google likes long reads). I will let gravity do its work, to return where I started. Bleeeb is that sound from space that excites us. It is the signal of the unknown, the ‘ping’ that makes you curious, or the sign of a new idea.

Bleeeb is my brand, from which I help you with your marketing, communication and creative missions. It’s the sound of endless new possibilities in this exciting digital age. It is an adventure that I want to experience together with you.

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